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What We Do

PWS – Interview Prep was designed by finance industry professionals for everyone wanting to break into the industry

  • We bring over 500 interview questions to your fingertips on the go, so you can study on your time
  • Practice studying with our flashcards and/or quizzes, and track your performance over time
  • Four categories break out the questions into easy-to-use buckets, each available as a separate download free to download application lets you try before you buy
    • Investment Banking
    • Private Equity
    • Equity and Credit Research
    • Capital Markets / Sales and Trading

PWS – Interview Prep will teach you the types of questions that will be asked and how you should answer them


Flash Cards

• Practice technical and behavioral questions on the go
• Flashcards are broken into four distinct categories to focus your learning
• New questions are added regularly to keep topics fresh
• Questions are auto-randomized to prevent repetitive question and answer choices

Practice Quizzes

  • Practice quizzes covering technical and behavioral interview questions and tactics
  • Quizzes are given in multiple choice format
  • Review your answers at the end to ensure mastery of all topics

Performance Tracking

  • Login to track your performance across devices and compare with your peers
  • Track your performance over time by category
  • View session and all-time stats with easy to view charts and data tables
  • Notice trends and focus on areas that you need to work on, while spending less time on your strengths

Our Story

There are so many variables out of your control during the finance recruiting and interviewing process, but why not take control of the things you can? Pillars of Wall Street brings the same great in-person training we have provided for years in the classroom to your fingertips. With decades of investment banking and educational experience, we created PWS – Interview Prep to bring the interview questions from behind closed doors to your fingertips. Interview questions are all over the internet: 20 here, 50 there, look in this forum, look at that website, etc. But no one seemed to have thought that putting as many questions as possible in a single app, putting it in the hands of potential candidates, and making it simple to use was a good idea. PWS – Interview Prep is changing the model of studying for interviews. We want to give you the questions in multiple, easy-to-use formats, and provide you with not only the answers, but also how you should think about answering the questions.

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