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This Is How We Learn Better Efficiently Faster Smarter

Your Roadmap for Success

Learning and mastering new skills can be an intimidating process. That’s why Pillars of Wall Street wants to provide you with not only the tools necessary to master new content, but also with a roadmap to be successful. Emphasis is placed on the core skills you need to know, as opposed to overloading you with countless hours of busy work. If this is your first time learning new financial acumen skills, we recommend you follow the order below. If you have prior experience with these topics, please be sure to take the pre-assessment to prove to yourself that you fully understand the core concepts we are covering.

Regardless of your skill level, these brief courses are designed to ensure that you are given the opportunity to learn, and later review, core skills that you will use throughout your career. 

  1. Begin Here: FSA (Financial Statement Analysis)
    • Begin with the Pre-Assessment to obtain a quick idea of where your strengths and weaknesses are
    • If you score less than perfect on any section, it is worth your time to review the content in that section, and take the quick 10 question quiz at the end to make sure you have indeed mastered the content
    • At the end, take the Post-Assessment to see how far you’ve come!

  2. Valuation Fundamentals
    • Regardless of your job function, the concept of valuation is very important
    • Learn the four primary valuation techniques, and when and how you should think about applying them

  3. Modeling – Excel Modeling Fundamentals
    • The best place to start in Excel is with the fundamentals
    • Optimize your Excel settings, learn key shortcuts, and begin working on formula construction

  4. Modeling – Intro to Modeling
    • This course is essentially FSA in Excel. To model out a company, you first have to have a fundamental understanding of the financial statements, so make sure you have passed the FSA Post-Assessment prior to beginning this course
    • Build your first 3 statement model for a company and see how the three financial statements link together in an actual Excel model

  5. Modeling – 3 Statement Modeling
    • Three Statement Modeling is where the complexities of modeling start to come alive. Work with us as we show you a foolproof method to modeling out any company
    • Learn our 12-step approach to modeling out any company, and implement these steps along with us over the course of an hour

  6. Valuation Modeling
    • Valuation Modeling takes what you learned in Valuation Fundamentals and our Modeling courses to the next level
    • Build an actual DCF, Trading Comps Analysis, Sum of the Parts, and LBO using the best practices you have learned thus far in your Modeling sessions

  7. Modeling – Real Company Modeling
    • This capstone modeling course enables you to model a real company’s financials with the emphasis placed on complexities that arise when you model a real company
    • Build a fully iterative model with all three statements and supporting schedules