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Online Learning with Pillars of Wall Street

Access our extensive online library of accounting and finance course work. Our best-in-class courses will help to prepare you for interviews, increase your day one readiness, or expand your skill set as a finance professional. 

Exclusive to Pillars of Wall Street, with every purchase you gain access to our live instructors for clarification or to ask questions. Our unparalleled teaching style, professional video quality, and live instructor interactions set Pillars of Wall Street apart from the competition in online eLearning.

Come discover what others already know, Pillars of Wall Street separates itself based on quality.

Our Best Bundled Deals

The Banker Bundle

This course will prepare you with the essential courses for working on Wall Street
$ 300
33% off of base course prices!
  • Access our most popular courses
  • Perfect for interview prep & first day readiness
  • Includes FSA, valuation, & modeling
Most Popular

Excel Modeling

Our complete excel modeling suite - at an unbeatable price!
$ 249
58% off the base course prices!
  • Access all of our excel modeling content
  • From Excel basics to Advanced formula construction
  • Basic & advanced excel | 3 statement modeling | valuation

Modeling Necessities

Excel Modeling Fundamentals

Core modeling fundamentals, taught from the ground up
$ 150
  • Access our core three modeling courses
  • Modeling best practices
  • 3 statement modeling

Real Company Modeling

Create 3 statement models for real companies
$ 75
  • Non-Cash Sweep Modeling
  • Supporting debt and calculation schedules
  • Dealing with "real world" complexities

Accounting and Valuation Essentials

Financial Statement Analysis

Master the basics of accounting for any corporate finance role
$ 150
  • Fundamentals of financial accounting
  • Real quizzes to check your knowledge
  • Great for interview prep

Valuation Fundamentals

Learn the basics that drive all valuation
$ 150
  • Learn the 4 primary valuation techniques
  • Put valuation to practice with excel modeling
  • DCF | LBO | Comparables | Sum of the Parts